Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Yes4 all adjustable Dumbbells are very helpful for the fitness enthusiast to accomplish their desired weight goal. The fitness tool is space-saving and has a design that beats its competitors by its excellent strength-building mechanism. With multiple weight plates and an attractive design, Yes4 all Dumbbells does not compromise on the essential qualities.

The product is ruling over the fitness industry due it's high rating and user-friendly design.  The active mechanism works and stabilizes the muscle and can be adjusted to meet your weight-lifting strength.  

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Features

The solid iron plates complement to its metal structure, simultaneously adds up to its durability.  Rust resistance is another prominent feature of Yes4 all Dumbbells that make it a reliable product to add to your daily workout routine.

About The Product

Accommodating all the standard features, Yes4 all Dumbbells take buyers fitness requirements into account and provide optimum fitness regime. It is inexpensive and has an aim to become a prime choice for fitness enthusiasts.

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    Offers 2 set of Dumbbell with 52 lb weight for each side
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    Have 15-inch cast iron plates with black enamel paint
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    Comes with 16 inches knurled diamond chrome handle
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    Has a secure star-lock system
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    1.25″ (3.1 cm) bar diameter
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    Features rust-resistant qualities
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    5 –years of long-term warranty
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    Has easy-to-use mechanism and storage
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    Comes with adjustable collar

Solid iron plates, robust collars, threaded bar and standard adjustment mechanism, make Yes4 all Dumbbells a must-to-have fitness tool for people. It incorporates two sets of dumbbells where each of them offers a wide range of weight plates.  

Moreover, the dumbbells range from 2.5 lbs to 105 lb and have multiple plates including four 2.5 lbs plates, four 1.25 lbs plates and sixteen 5 lbs plates. Each bar carries up 52.5 lbs weight plate giving you a broad spectrum of weight ranges you can select.  

Also, this fantastic dumbbell comes with adjustable weight plates. The quality that sets the product apart from its contemporary dumbbells is that it does not integrate elements that make it sturdy and durable.

The use of permanent enamel oil paint enhances the ability to resist rust and keeps it safe for a longer time of period. Unlike other dumbbells, the weight plates use cast iron, dyed in black, which does not stain your clothing and also prevents corrosion and rust.

To provide you a secure and firm grip, Yes4 all Dumbbells features 16-inch handle is knurled chrome. This textured chrome ensures to give you high quality and provide a non –slip grip. With a star –lock classic collar system, no longer you need to worry about dumbbells sliding out from their handlers.  

Its loose -resistant rubber and threaded ends are specially designed to ensure a secure workout. You need to adjust the desired weight plates on the sturdy handlebar and secure it with collar bars to proceed with your high-paced workout.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells Dimensions

With the possibility of using multiple combinations of weight plates, Yes4 all Dumbbells offers excellent versatility than others. You can opt for a variety of exercises to engage your muscles in a complete body workout.  These different exercises help you increase muscle and achieve a power pack routine by improving your workout stamina.

The all-for-one dumbbells of Yes4 all though take some time in assembling but are convenient to use as well to store. Buying this product can be a wise decision if you have just started working out.  It offers flexibility regarding weight range, and there are not too many products in the markets that provide the same set of intuitive features.

Yes4 all Dumbbells have an extremely space-savvy design, and this feature beat its rivals in the fitness industry. Buying one set of this excellent weight-lifting equipment eliminates the requirement for other dumbbells in your home gym. Thus, the adjustable dumbbells are perfect for improving your core strength and helping you tone your arms and abdominal muscles.



  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • Variety of adjustable dumbbells for different fitness levels
  • Free shipping
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Weight plates adjustment takes time

What Others Are Saying

Yes4 all Dumbbells have become one of the preferred workout equipment for the buyers –especially beginners.  Due to its durable and sturdy design. While other manufacturers lack variety - the Yes4All dumbbells come in five sets of adjustable products catering to all fitness levels.

Moreover, the anti-slip handle and collar screw security are some other features that have made the product buyer-favorite. They have voiced on multiple forums how Yes4 all Dumbbells have strengthened their muscles and has brought variation to their workout routine.

Buying Advice

Most buyers have complained that changing weight plates is a bit time consuming and could have been improved by a quick-adjustment system. However, the low cost of Yes4 all Dumbbells make it considerably better choice than any fancy set of dumbbells. Those who have been working out with dumbbells know how pricey they can be.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells


Yes4 all Dumbbells, in this regard are an exception as they are incredibly cost-efficient. For a beginner, who does not want to spend much on his fitness equipment, Yes4 all Dumbbells makes a perfect deal your money can buy. The product can be bought under $99 from Amazon if you are interested in buying.

Final Verdict

To crown it all, Yes4 all Dumbbells are undeniably are excellent fitness equipment, especially for beginners. The sturdy design of the product allows you to do all kinds of rough and steady exercises with its reasonable range of weight plates. 

Though it does not have a fancy adjustment feature, it is extremely safe and beneficial for hard-core workouts to increase weight and tone muscles.

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