The Only Adjustable Dumbbell Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only Adjustable Dumbbell Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Dumbbells have been present for countless years and are staple equipment in any fitness enthusiast’s arsenal. They are easy to carry and are extremely simple to use. Dumbbells have evolved with the passage of time to provide even more ease to the people.

You might be wondering how could an object as simple as a dumbbell could evolve when the only purpose it serves is for exercising. Well, let’s look at it this way. Fitness enthusiasts who could not go to gyms for some reason or the other had to find an alternative that could help them work out in their homes.

The only option is buying a pair of dumbbells and exercising in your home, but lifting with the same weights tends to get mundane after some time. That is why people who take fitness very seriously buy more dumbbells to increase the amount of weight they are lifting. 

Holding Adjustable Dumbbell

While this course of action is all well and good, it also has some pitfalls. Having too many dumbbells can be a bit of a hassle. It is costly, takes too much space and dumbbells get mixed up pretty quickly if you don't store them properly. The adjustable dumbbells were designed keeping all these things in mind and are incredibly convenient and easy to use for anyone.

Even though adjustable dumbbells have not gained the popularity they deserve until now, people are slowly becoming aware of its superiority over regular dumbbells and spreading the word.

That is a step in the right direction. The ease adjustable dumbbells offer you is second to none as it allows you to adjust the desired weight of your choice on its handle instead of being a different weight dumbbell.

Imagine having all the weights you want to work out with, without all those weights taking up too much room. That is what adjustable dumbbells have to offer. The most significant advantage adjustable weights dumbbells have on regular dumbbells are the following.

  • check
    They do not cost much
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    You can even add the weights on barbells
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    They take the least amount of space
  • check
    It is straightforward to unload and increase the weight

Following are our recommendations for the best adjustable dumbbells:

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $300

Let's take a look on our top recommendations for the best adjustable dumbbells under $300

Winner: Bowflex Selectech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells are selling like hot cakes in the market, which is a testament to how popular they are. With a vast variety of products available on the market - the Bowflex Selectech 552 adjustable dumbbells are the highest rated dumbbells online and have qualities like no other. Its numerous features are what make it stand out from the other dumbbells.

The option of adjusting the weight with a dial is what makes this adjustable dumbbell pair heads and shoulders better than any other flexible dumbbell pair out there. Adding to the features and the famous Bowflex name, the unique and stylish design is the cherry on top for this irresistible adjustable dumbbell pair.

Even though there have been numerous other companies that already have their different series of adjustable dumbbells, the Selectech proved that it does not matter who was first, all that matters is whose product is the ultimate best. Introduction of the Bowflex Selectech 552 ensured that these dumbbells are unrivaled when it comes to home workouts and gym equipment.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells



The dial weight feature in this series of Bowflex dumbbells are a unique addition and are something that is impossible to find in any other set of adjustable dumbbells. Instead of adding weights manually after removing a pin and putting on plates (which is a tedious process). You can use the dial and twist it to your desired number to increase or decrease the weight. 

It is a relatively quick process and extremely simple. What more could one want out of a dumbbell? So it should not come off as a surprise to anyone that with features like this and a price so low, the demand for these dumbbells is ever increasing.

Another great thing about the Bowflex Selectech 552 adjustable dumbbells is that they have a weight range that is wider than any other flexible dumbbell's weight range (usually five or 10 pounds).  Having dumbbells that do not provide a wide range of adjustability can be troublesome for a lot of people.

The reason for this is because muscles perform better when they bear tension gradually instead of suddenly. So having a pair of adjustable dumbbells that offer a wide range of weight to work with is the best way to go. Bowflex is a high-end brand that has gained not only its reputation from unique ideas and justified prices but also the durability of its products.

Runner-Up: PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set

Innovation is the first word that comes to mind when anyone lays their eyes on the Powerblock personal trainer set. This adjustable dumbbell pair is among the top rated dumbbells in a market full of dumbbells. But the question is, what makes the Powerblock personal trainer standout from the other dumbbells? The answer to this is straightforward. 

First of all, they are unique in more ways than one. The shape is different in comparison to other dumbbells, they are easier to balance because of how compact they are, and they provide ease like no other in adjustability of weights through a color-coded weight adjustment panel.

Not only is the PowerBlock personal trainer set aesthetically pleasing, but it also a superior choice for a lot of different reasons. These dumbbells are for people to save space.

You will not need any more pairs of dumbbells to have a variety of different weights as the powerbock personal trainer offers you to adjust from a low category of five pounds to fifty pounds. Not bad at all. These dumbbells also provide unparalleled efficiency with their option of quickly changing weights from the selecting pins.

PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set



A critical factor in considering buying a pair of dumbbells is to know if they will, or won't be a perfect match for you. We have already praised how adjustable these dumbbells are. But now let us get to the meat of the matter.

The essential thing is to see what the dumbbells have to offer in workouts because this is the primary function of the dumbbells. Well, you will be happy to find out that you can do many exercises with these dumbbells, mainly because of its high adjustability. Dumbbell bench press, incline curls, dumbbell shoulder press, tricep kickbacks, and the list goes on and on. 

The only thing that you might find troublesome for a couple of days is getting used to the weight’s designs. But once you adapt to it and start using its features, you will wish that you had found the Powerblock personal trainer way earlier.

Take a quick look at the reviews given by the people who have used these dumbbells. You will find nothing but high praises. With a warranty of 10 years and it's formidable durability you couldn't go wrong with the Powerblock personal trainer set, even if you wanted to.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $200

Here are our top picks for this category:

Winner: Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

If you’re looking for a pair of dumbbells with two hundred dollars or less to spare, then look no further than the Bayou fitness adjustable dumbbell. The thought of having a single pair of dumbbells that have the potential to carry the weight of multiple pairs of dumbbells you would laugh at in the past.

But now slowly every fitness enthusiast has a couple of Bayou fitness adjustable dumbbell available in their homes. These dumbbells have gained worldwide popularity because of their design, durability and relatively low price.

What makes the bayou adjustable fitness dumbbells so significant is the fact that Bayou takes the extra effort to make your workout experience as much as it can. You might wonder how a company can do that. What else can a company provide other than dumbbells?

Well, the Bayou company exceeds customers expectations by having every dumbbell chrome plated, by making sure weights don’t fall over from the dumbbell grips during workouts, providing a tray for storing the dumbbells among many other options.

The efficiency of these dumbbells is extraordinarily remarkable, and they allow you to exercise with a decent weight range of up to twenty-five pounds.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells



You can increase the weight by using the dial on the product, and you can move it up for intense and down for minimum weight. The bayou fitness dumbbells can be used for hundreds of different exercises for the chest, back, shoulders, arms and even legs (even though most people neglect them).

The best thing about these dumbbells is that they are beginner friendly as well and are readily usable by anyone because of the dumbbells adjustability. If all these features weren't enough, the Bayou fitness adjustable dumbbells come with fitness manuals and CDs that not only guide you with the dumbbell's features but also give you valuable tips and workout training techniques.

A minor downside to these dumbbells is that they are not heavy enough for heavy lifters and people who do power training. But they can still prove to be useful as a conditioning tool and can be helpful for people who continuously travel who couldn't afford to get a gym membership for a few days or weeks.

Because of its relatively light weight, the bayou fitness adjustable dumbbells are easily portable and can be carried anywhere without any trouble. All in all, these dumbbells have been a smash hit and will give you the best value for your money.

Runner-Up: Starring 65 105 200 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

There is no question about the satisfaction guaranteed with the Starring adjustable dumbbells. You can go extremely low, and you can go as high as one hundred and five pounds. Now that's a deal breaker!

An advantage that makes this brand of adjustable dumbbells superior to most brands is the fact that these dumbbells are one of the few flexible dumbbell varieties that have a substantial weight range.

Due to its high weight bearing abilities, the starring adjustable dumbbells have become a staple in ever heavy lifters arsenal. You even have the option of buying more plates if you plan to make your workouts heavier.

A significant problem that most heavy dumbbells face is they have ways to produce a rattling sound that can be incredibly annoying for you and everyone around you. But the Starring adjustable dumbbells have solved this problem by just providing a tightening tool to make sure that the dumbbells do not collide to produce the rattling sound mentioned earlier.

There are a few additional things that you can purchase with these adjustable dumbbells to make sure that you have the perfect home gym set up in your house and can work out without feeling the need of having an expensive gym membership.

There are some features that these dumbbells fall short of, but you can expect that such a low price. There aren't any adjusting panels, the shape is old school, and that is just about it.

Starring 65 105 200 Lbs Adjustable Dumbbells



However, considering the amount, these adjustable dumbbells are a bargain. Did we forget to tell you how comfortable the handles of these dumbbells are? Keeping in mind how much weight these dumbbells are capable of carrying, these dumbbells are surprisingly comfortable. 

You will easily be able to lift tons of weight without any stress because of the comfortable handles of these adjustable dumbbells. A common complain that weightlifting enthusiasts have regarding most dumbbells is that after a couple of months of usage, shards of metal start to fall from the dumbbells which can cause them to lose its weight.

These dumbbells are as durable as they get and you can work out for years and not have to worry about finding any metal falling off of your dumbbells. 

These dumbbells are also available with chrome plating that makes them look great. You will not have to worry about flaky spots on your chrome plated dumbbells, and if you’re not a chrome person, then you can always go for the regular black adjustable dumbbells.

An advantage that makes these dumbbells far superior to the others is that the grip on these dumbbells is unmatched. You can have oil or grease on your palms, and we guarantee you that the dumbbells will not fall off. 

Just in case you have any doubts. Feel free to check the reviews the buyers have posted online, for it is the opinion of the buyers that matter in the end. We guarantee you will find nothing but positive to read about these adjustable dumbbells.

As mentioned before these might not be the best dumbbells if you are looking for modern features. But if you are looking for a pair of dumbbells that are a hybrid of modern and old-school dumbbells then look nowhere else and buy these dumbbells the first chance you get.

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Under $100

This is our absolute winner in best adjustable dumbbells under $100 category:

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells 40 To 200 Lbs

People have a lot of other financial priorities in their lives, and they just cannot afford to buy a gym membership. Well, they can still get their workout done at home with the Yes4all adjustable dumbbells.

These dumbbells are as economical as they are efficient. Now, who says that every adjustable dumbbell should have an adjusting panel to adjust the weights?  Sometimes things should be a little old school, and dumbbells are one of those things.

Considering the quality of these dumbbells, they are surprisingly cheap and will not cost you a penny more than one hundred dollars. If anything, they might even be more reasonable. With a standard diameter of 12.5 inches, you can quickly add more plates to this dumbbell without any hesitation and exercise your way to a more fabulous physique.

Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells



There are some key features in the Yes4all adjustable dumbbells. One of them is the adjustable spin locking collars. You have the ease of taking off and putting on the collars before your weights by just merely spinning them clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

There is a wide variety of adjustable weight plates that offer you the ease of adding some extra weight to your dumbbells if you ate looking for a heavy grueling heavy workout. Different weight sets come with these dumbbells ranging from 40 lbs to 200 lbs.

Are you sure you’ll be able to lift that much? Another great feature worth mentioning is the grip of these dumbbells; the diameter is perfect to fit fists of any size, making your workouts a delightful experience.  

Things You Need To Pay Attention On When Buying Adjustable Dumbbells

Before you buy yourself a brand new set of adjustable dumbbells here are few things you should take a look on:


First and foremost you should make sure that the shape of the dumbbell you are about to buy doesn't have any irregularities. Most of the times the irregular form isn't apparent, but when you take a closer look at it from angles, you'll begin to notice that the dumbbell isn't as perfect as you once thought it was.

Adjustable Dumbbell

There is a wide range of dumbbells available in different shapes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a rectangularly shaped dumbbell isn't good enough. By checking out the forms, we merely say to look out for deformities and irregularities.


Checking out the size of a dumbbell is as important as checking out the shape of it. To check out the dumbbell you have your eyes on is a perfect size, hold it and feel its grip on your palm. After that, see whether the plates attached to the dumbbells are of the same size and weigh equally.

There are a lot of occasions when the plates don't accurately weigh the amount of weight displayed on them. Checking for these minor details can make all the difference in the world for you to choose the best dumbbell.

Adjustable Weights

Adjustability is a defining factor for every adjustable dumbbell. Without it, it’s a regular dumbbell.

Every dumbbell offers different options of adjusting the weights and has different ranges. Some dumbbells might be able to handle hundreds of pounds while others could only go as far as 50 pounds or maybe even lesser.

Always be sure to check how much weight the dumbbell you are about to buy can handle. Every adjustable dumbbell offers different options on how to increase the weight of the dumbbells. Some have manual options while others have buttons.


The grip of a dumbbell is a deal breaker and can make or break the reputation of a dumbbell. How the dumbbell feels on your palm is extremely important. Some dumbbells have a grip that starts to slip as soon as your palms get sweaty and holding on to it is a struggle and is extremely dangerous as well. Always prefer a grip that is steady and firm at all times.

Adjustable Dumbbell Grip

Short and wide handles of a dumbbell can make all the difference in the world during your workouts. Short grips are more comfortable to handle while full grips are a bit difficult to control and make your exercises more challenging.


Adjustable dumbbells have received widespread fame since their launch. They are available in different varieties and different prices, making it easy for everyone to buy.

With adjustable dumbbells being available in almost every gym and household, it is beginning to look like soon there will be a time when regular dumbbells will be extinct just like the dinosaurs are. Adjustable dumbbells are as durable as they come and are here to stay for the long run.

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