Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell Review

Scott curls, hammer curls, standing curls, shrugs, flat fly, lateral raises and what not, everyone has their favorite dumbbell exercise. However, the constant loading and unloading of plates on the rods can be quite an annoyance.

That adds additional minutes to your exercise time and begs for a modern and innovative solution so one can focus on exercising rather than installing the plates precisely on the rods.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells

Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbell is the perfect solution for those who want to make their gym time efficient and worthwhile.

About The Product

These adjustable dumbbells are an innovative solution for gymnasiums as well as people who have their small fitness corner in their homes. The Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells are a modern solution for modern fitness enthusiasts. They even entirely do away with the risk of slipping and falling plates from the rods.  

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    Their construction with high-grade steel, which is chrome plated, gives them a futuristic look
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    The bar (rod) itself acts as additional weight adding 5lbs to each dumbbell
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    The weight of the bar allows beginners to exercise without installing any plates
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    The pair comes with storage plates
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    Space-saving compact design for the convenience of storage
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    Adjustable weights do not require lifting the dumbbells when changing plates
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    Each dumbbell weighs a maximum 25lbs with the rod
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    Weight instructions are on the storage trays

These adjustable dumbbells from Bayou Fitness offer numerous benefits over conventional adjustable and fixed dumbbells. Fixed-weight dumbbells occupy a lot of space because you have to have a different pair for each weight increment. They can be a nightmare for someone who wants to have a fitness room inside their house.

As for traditional adjustable dumbbells, they can be unsafe and prolong the exercise time due to several minutes that you have to spend in removing the old and installing the new weights. Unless you have a clip on those dumbbells, there is a significant change of plates slipping and falling on the floor or right on your feet.

A small knob on each side of the bar allows the lifter to move it on either side to change weights. It requires only a second to switch from one weight setting to the other. You never have to lift the dumbbells off the ground at the time of changing the plates.

The 5lb bars are an excellent addition for those who are exercising for the first time. One of the generous offerings from the makers is the inclusion of storage trays for both the dumbbells in the pair.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells On Floor

Your dumbbells will never travel under the bed or keep rolling to the other side of the room again. The thick rods with ample space between the plates on each side allow convenient handling.  



  • They are perfect for modern users due to their looks
  • Adding and removing weights from the bars is a piece of cake
  • The weight-change mechanism does away with the need of an unreliable clip for holding the plates on the bars
  • The weight range of 5lbs to 25lbs is excellent for beginners as well as semi-professionals
  • Storage trays make storage a breeze for commercial fitness centers and in-home gyms
  • The dumbbell weight range is limited to 25lbs. You have to buy a different set to go higher than that range
  • You can increase weight in only 2.5lbs and 5lbs increments
  • Customers who want to exercise with 5.0lbs have to use only one plate, which can distribute the weight unevenly

What Others Are Saying

Customers have received Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells well. The overall rating for the dumbbells at the time of writing this is 4.3 stars out of five. That’s the sign of a successful product, and you have to know that this rating is a result of voting for hundreds of customers.

Women have shown great interest in the product because they don’t get the 2.5lbs and 5.0lbs increments with most other items on the market. 

Most of the customers have admired Bay Fitness dumbbells for their build quality and design. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to put the dumbbells back into their exact position when you have just completed an exhausting set of exercise for the biceps.

Users love the fact that the plates have a small flat part at the bottom that allows them to put them on the floor before putting them back into the trays without having to deal with the rolling dumbbells.

A lot of the people who used them frequently have loved the fact that they can take the beating. The chrome plating, according to them, does not go away that easily. A few customers have pointed out that their handling can be challenging for those who have small hands.

Buying Advice

If you compare Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells with similar products on the market, you will be glad to know that these are quite affordable. Their design is excellent, and even the minor details are beneficial for customers.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells


For example, the weight increment guide on the storage tray is tremendously helpful for those using these or any dumbbells for the first time. They solve quite a few problems that are common with conventional dumbbells, and due to the sturdy materials, they offer excellent value for their price.  

Final Verdict

The key takeaway is that Bayou Fitness dumbbells are for true fitness buffs. If you are serious about exercising and do it every day, you are going to love them. The time-saving and space-saving benefits they offer will be most noticeable for people who work out regularly.

The best part about these dumbbells is their safety. The locking mechanism on these plates ensures they don’t fall off when you are exercising.

Keep in mind that specific exercises require you to hold your dumbbells in awkward positions, which is where the old adjustable dumbbells with removable plates can get very dangerous. In a nutshell, Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells are a recommendable purchase.

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