All You Need To Know About Adjustable Dumbbells

All You Need To Know About Adjustable Dumbbells

Are you missing out on gym sessions because of inflexible hours? Chances are you’re either too busy or too lazy to hit the gym.

There is plenty of excellent and affordable equipment if you want to work out at home. No need to buy expensive heavy-duty exercise machines or tech gadgets to attain a killer body.

Adjustable Dumbbell

Purchasing a set of adjustable dumbbells is a great way to begin your fitness program without having to drive to the gym.

Brief History Of Dumbbells

People used Dumbbells in their most basic form in ancient Greece.  However, the weights were called halteres, which were typically large and made of stone. Halteres also had a hole instead of a bar so that weight-lifters could hold them comfortably.

Although halteres were easy to make, they were awkward to use. Lack of advanced manufacturing technology also made it difficult to create two halteres of the same size and weight. It is likely that soldiers and athletes in Ancient Greece only used these accessories.

Modern Dumbbells

Dumbbells attained massive popularity when a book called The Muscles and Their Story by John Blundell - which came out in 1864. The success of this publication led to the creation of many new workouts using the dumbbell.

At present, dumbbells are one of the most widely used pieces of training and weightlifting equipment. Thanks to superior manufacturing practices, it is also possible to produce two equal weights that are held together by a metal bar. 

Dumbbells In Gym

The new dumbbell is an indispensable gym tool for weight-lifting, muscle toning and training. Fitness enthusiasts consider dumbbells a great way to built or tone any part of the body. Dumbbells are also useful for aiding and speeding up weight loss.

Thanks to their popularity, various types of dumbbells are available in the market. However, adjustable dumbbells offer the best weight options and a stronger grip for creating personalized workouts. Since you can alter the sliding weights on and off the ends according to individual preference, adjustable dumbbells offer a potent way to get into a perfect shape.

How Dumbbells Revolutionized Weight Training?

Dumbbells have entirely revolutionized the way we previously perceived weight training. You're your primary goal is to build muscle and get a killer sick-pack abs, then dumbbells offer a great way to work on targeted areas.

Dumbbells are versatile and offer some of the best workouts for accomplishing instant but long-term results. When used the correct way, dumbbells can do wonders for strengthening and shaping the entire body.

There are a few exercises that are hugely popular among fitness freaks. You can try out hammer curls, preacher curls, decline seated bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, flat and incline chest presses, seated shoulder presses, squats, lunges, and calf raises with dumbbells.  All of these exercises work different areas of the body.

However, it is essential that you use dumbbells with care to avoid injury. The way you hold or lift a dumbbell has a notable effect on the intensity of your workout and its resulting outcomes. Before exercising with dumbbells, it is vital that warm up your body and choose the correct weight.

Do not work with heavier dumbbells if your body is not yet prepared. Fitness trainers believe that using a lesser weight but doing more repetitions offers better results than choosing a heavyweight which could lead to an injury.

For Men Or Women?

For decades, men were the only ones who showed interest in benefitting from weight training. However, as women continue to enter into competitive sports, it comes as a no surprise that gym equipment is getting popular among women.

Strength training workouts offer the same results for both men and women who need to tone and strengthen their muscles.

By using top-notch adjustable dumbbells, both men and women athletes can enhance their overall health. That is a safe training method that causes no injuries and increases your balance, stamina and physical energy.

Man And Woman Holding Dumbbells

Research reveals that thousands of women have reported positive outcomes after training with dumbbells. Most women who are on a weight loss program also showed better results when they incorporated a weightlifting workout in their exercise program.

Since it strengthens the bones; weight training can prevent or delay the onset of many joint problems that are particularly common among women such as osteoporosis.

Why Do Adjustable Dumbbells Work?

Whichever set of a pair you choose, dumbbells offer exceptional workouts since they successfully engage multiple muscles during a single exercise. The accessory works better than a weight machine which stabilizes the load for you and emphasizes on a few specific muscle groups.

A barbell also limits the number of muscles used since it distributes the effort across shoulders, arms or quads. When you work out with a dumbbell in your hand, you target multiple muscles without risking an injury. You can focus on neglected areas thanks to improved grip strength.

Weight training is one of the best ways to boost your strength, add more physical strength and tone your muscles. Athletes and sportsmen maintain their fitness by a healthy mix of a nutritional diet and beneficial exercise.

If you have tried everything in the gym but fail to get in shape, maybe the only thing that's missing from your gym equipment is a pair of adjustable dumbbells. Not only they are affordable than other expensive gym gear but also lets you design your workouts for better results.

There is no reason to shell out thousands of dollars on hi-tech gym equipment. Get yourself reliable and functional adjustable dumbbells for investing in an easy way to work on your upper/lower body, shoulders, and legs.

Moreover, trusted brands manufacture dumbbells for sustaining long-term use. Most of today's products are durable and last a lifetime if handled correctly. The best adjustable dumbbells feature a maximum of 50 pounds per weight, but various other sets are heavier or lighter.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs. Regular Dumbbells

If you are wondering whether you should buy regular or adjustable dumbbells, you know should that each type offers a wide range of benefits.

Regular Dumbbells

As the name suggests, these dumbbells are the conventional standard types that you find in most fitness studios and gyms.

Hex Dumbbells In Gym

A few regular dumbbells feature a fixed weight and weight-lifters are unable to alter it, but other models come with collars and spring clips so you can quickly add or remove weight plates. All such dumbbells feature either a rubber coating or have a painted enamel finish on the weight heads.

Adjustable Dumbbells

There is no question that adjustable dumbbells offer more flexibility and versatility when it comes to intensive workouts. They enable you to quickly change the amount of weight you are lifting by your workout. Since these dumbbells cover a diverse weight range, you can decrease or increase the pressure in small increments and get more out of your gym time. 

These dumbbells are great if you want a piece of equipment that does take too much space. Moreover, exercise enthusiasts who like to blend in different types of workouts into a single fitness session find adjustable dumbbells a more comfortable option. Unlike regular gym dumbbells, adjustable models are different from one another.

The shape and size of all models may vary drastically. Some products are heavy whereas others feature a light-weight design. The method by which you can modify the weight is also different in every model. Some models feature a twist-action change whereas others come with movable pins. 

Which One Is Better?

The right kinds of dumbbells depend on the type of workout you intend to perform. You should also consider your strength and physical stamina before choosing in between adjustable and regular dumbbells.

Regular dumbbells work best when you are fond of lifting a more substantial weight. However, if you are still training to attain a stronger body, then the best way to initiate your fitness routine is to go with adjustable dumbbells.

Benefits Of Weight Training

Expect limitless benefits of weight training when you have adjustable dumbbells in your home gym. Many men and women underestimate the benefits of dumbbells. Not only they improve muscle tone and muscle strength but are equally important for both men and women.

When someone mentions weight training, it is natural to think of bulky muscles and bodybuilders with chiseled chests. But in reality, weight training is beneficial for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy.

Man Doing Dumbbell Workout

According to scientists, resistance training is one of the best ways to achieve good stamina and balance. Weight training with adjustable dumbbells strengthen your core and relieve aching muscles in your upper and lower back area.

Strength training builds up your physical work capacity and enhances your ability to perform your daily activities, without experience any discomfort. Here are a few essential benefits you can accomplish when weight-training with adjustable dumbbells:

  • It supports fat-free body mass with decreasing sarcopenia
  • It fortifies the strength of tendons, muscles and connective tissue to enhance our motor performance
  • You gain more confidence in your quality of life begins to improve
  • Weight training with adjustable dumbbells does not make you stronger but also helps you achieve your desired weight
  • It improves your posture by keeping your body in balance
  • You can work in targeted areas and tone your body
  • Moving furniture and lugging shopping bags become easier
  • Women get protection against medical conditions such as osteoporosis

Weight training also offers other potent advantages which include:

Chronic Disease Management

Clinical trials have documented positive findings of weight training such as better management of chronic diseases. Weight training provides significant relief to patients suffering from arthritis pain.

Moreover, people who have type-2 diabetes can also regulate their glucose levels with a combination of a healthy diet and light weight-lifting.

Speeds Up Weight Loss

Did you know that weight training also boosts the metabolism? Weight training increases your lean body mass and speeds up your metabolism. Lifting weights allow you to burn calories at a quicker rate not just during but also after a workout. Aerobic exercises offer the same effect to promote weight loss.

Prevents Bone Loss

One of the most substantial benefits of weight training is that it slows down bone loss. In fact, the workout is shown even to build bone. Hence, it is a tremendous physical activity for women.

Holding For Painful Elbow

Fewer Injuries

It also results in fewer injuries, thanks to an improved bone density. Since you can target bones of the spine, wrists, and hips; you can emphasize on targeted areas to enhance stability. That not only boosts self-confidence but also prevent injuries.

How To Train With Adjustable Dumbbells

All fitness experts believe that a regular workout regime is as crucial as the exercises themselves. You must set aside time for weight training workouts if you wish to target the major muscle groups of your body.

We recommend you not to work the same muscles on consecutive days. Give your muscles some rest so critical biological changes can take place. Here are a few exercises you can perform using adjustable dumbbells.

  • One Arm Dumbbell Rows - This exercise targets the back muscles as well as emphasizes on the rear deltoids 
  • Crunches - Crunches are everyone’s favorite. They focus on the upper abdominal muscles and also work your lower abdominals
  • Dumbbell Upright Rows - Perform this exercise to work on the side and front deltoids. They are also helpful for strengthening the rear deltoids and your trapezius muscle
  • Dumbbell Curls - Not only it focuses on your biceps, but it also makes your forearm muscles stronger
  • Overhead Triceps Extensions - This exercise targets the triceps and also focus on restoring your forearm muscles
  • Squats - Squats are one of the best exercises you can do with your dumbbells. They are great for your quadriceps or thighs and also strengthen your hamstring muscles
  • Dumbbell Calf Raises - If you want to have healthy calf muscles, you must include this exercise into your workout

How To Take Care Of Your Adjustable Dumbbells

Regardless of how heavy or durable your dumbbell is you must take care of it the same way as you do for your other gym equipment. It is essential that you store them the right direction.

Putting Dumbbell On Stand

Moreover, never throw these tools on the floor since you may end up damaging either your basement or your expensive dumbbells. 

Make sure you never invest your hard-earned money on a cheap or mediocre product. Check reviews and product information before buying a pair. Since adjustable dumbbells are engineered to be modular, they rely on a few manufacturing techniques to keep the assembly together.

Brands have their manufacturing practices. But, every brand pays heavy focus on small details, so consumers get a safe to use and a durable pair.

When you are weight lifting with your dumbbells, make sure that all pins and latches are secured. Failure to latch or secure the plates after making adjustments frequently results in damages. But, you probably don’t have to worry about this feature with most of the recent models on the market.

That is because updated dumbbells come with fool-proof adjustment mechanisms and unbeatable safety measure. But, it's better to be wary, so you don't end up getting injured or damaging your dumbbell.

Some people are tempted to drop weights to the floor after completing a session. But losing your dumbbells could damage either your deck or your dumbbell. Never throw or drop your dumbbell, which is unless you have padded floors.

Since your adjustable dumbbells are not a reliable piece; many of its parts can easily break when it hits the floor. If the dumbbell bounces and hits your ankle, you are sure to sustain a painful injury.

How To Clean Your Adjustable Dumbbells

It’s easy to forget about cleaning and maintaining your dumbbells. But like the rest of the fitness equipment in your home gym, the adjustable dumbbells also require your attention.

If the brand of your product requires you to clean your dumbbells with a specific cleaning solution, do not try out other options. Follow the instructions carefully.

Using the wrong type of cleaning solution on some metals can ruin the finish of your dumbbells.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Dumbbells?

As millions of people continue to seek effective ways for toning and strengthening their muscles, adjustable dumbbells offer the convenience of working out within the comfort of your home.

Workout With Adjustable Dumbbell

It is a simple tool that miraculously transforms your dull exercise routine for delivering long-term results. Although fixed and regular dumbbells are equally beneficial, novices and amateur weightlifters can make the most out of their workouts with adjustable dumbbells.

These innovative accessories can be a great addition to a home gym. Anyone in the family can quickly work out with these dumbbells.

Tips For A Great Workout With Adjustable Dumbbells

  • You can complete more reps by lowering the weight, for lean gains
  • Practice proper breathing while exercising with dumbbells. Exhale as the muscle contracts and inhale when it releases
  • Don't rush you exercise routine
  • It is easy to cheat when you exercise at a quicker speed. A slow pace gives you more control over your movements
  • You can also set time limits for every move. 50-60 seconds is a reasonable time limit per move
  • Track your progress and observe your performance as you work out with varying weights
  • Invest in a user-friendly product that is manufactured by a known manufacturer

Adjustable dumbbells give you a dynamic weight range. Adjustable dumbbells are also easier to maintain and store since they take up little space. That is why amateur weight-lifters and exercise fanatics love these handy tools.

If you find it difficult to incorporate a healthy fitness routine into your hectic lifestyle, investing in the right model of adjustable dumbbells can be the best thing you can do to maintain a fit body.


There is a wide variety of choices on the market today, which makes it difficult for an average buyer to make the right decision. Before you invest in a product, it is essential that you keep a few things in mind so as not to buy the wrong type of dumbbells for your home or professional gym.

One of the first considerations you need to make is to reflect on your lifting needs. Choose the type of weights according to your individual needs. Your physical strength and how you often you plan on using the dumbbells also help in deciding the right model.

Black Adjustable Dumbbells

The nature of your fitness program also helps in choosing the most appropriate product. Another feature to look for in a dumbbell is its design. Choose from a stand or docking station to ease your weight training experience.

But remember, dumbbells with a docking station are usually bulkier than other choices. You can also go for a design that changes in size according to the chosen weight resistance. Check for other features such as durability and warranty. You don’t want to end up with a product that is not built to last for long.

One of the best things about working out with adjustable dumbbells is that you can target stubborn areas by selecting your desired weight. This feature alone does a great job at producing quick and long-term results.

Staying fit is a crucial part of our everyday life. To avoid obesity and fatigue, make sure you get hold of a reliable and durable pair of adjustable dumbbells, so you never skip a workout again. The accessory offers a great way to motivate individuals who keep skipping their gym workout.

If you don’t know how to buy the best adjustable dumbbells to add to your fitness gear, don’t forget to check out our buying guide that details all the things you should know before purchasing the right dumbbells that lie within your budget and fit your needs.

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